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Mahoshadha Kalpa

Mahoshadha Kalpa

Kalpas are unique and patented lines of treatment developed by Muniyal Ayurveda for treating chronic disorders. It is a combination of several ayurvedic procedures, proprietary and classical ayurvedic medicines manufactured by the company which is patient specific.

Mahoshadha Kalpa is a multi-dimensional ayurvedic treatment for Cancer designed and developed by Dr. Krshna Life Sciences Ltd. More than 200 patients have benefitted from this therapy – most of the patients got rid of the fear of pain, fear of disease and fear death with improved general conditions. It has successfully prevented metastasis (spreading of cancer) in several cases.

Mahoshadha Kalpa – this name is given on the basis of a story related to the Buddha. In one of the previous births when the Buddha was born as Bodhisattva, Lord Indra placed a herb in the child’s hand. The child’s father, seeing the herb in its hand at the time of birth thought it to be a special herb and administered it as medicine to all the illness of local people. They all regained health within no time. Hence, this Bodhisattva came to be called ‘Mahoshadha Kumara’. The treatment schedule is developed on the doctrines explained by the Buddha that diseases are caused by vitiation of food (aahara), environment (rutu), consciousness (chitta) and past deeds (karma) – hence it is called Mahoshadha Kalpa.

Buddha explains that disease is the messenger of the Universal Law. In allopathic science disease is considered as an enemy, hence they fight against it. We consider disease as a messenger, therefore treat it with due respect.

When a patient also accepts that disease is a messenger it becomes much easier for him/her to tolerate a dreaded condition like cancer. The patient never develops ill-will towards the disease and hence does not undergo mental depression, which is the right approach.

A Multi-dimensional Holistic Treatment

Based on Bhagvan Buddha’s Teachings

Indigenously Researched

Early treatment gives better results

No side effects

Inducts a sense of well-being in patients


In a healthy condition, one cell physiologically divides into two, two into four and so on in a coordinated manner. But, when one cell divides into ten and ten into hundreds in an uncoordinated manner it forms the basis of Cancer. The exact cause for such a rapid and uncoordinated growth is not explained by today’s medical science. “Intelligence is not only present in the brain but also in millions of body cells”. – this truth is explained by the Buddha. In this regard it can be stated that a disturbed intelligence of cell itself is the cause of Cancer. Cancers figure among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide, with approximately 14 million new cases and 8.2 million cancer related deaths in 2012 (according to the WHO World Cancer Report 2014). The number of new cases is expected to rise by about 70% over the next 2 decades which shows the seriousness of the disease. Modern medicine follows two modalities of treatment for Cancer. Firstly, a chemical drug is injected into blood to kill the Cancer cells, i.e. Chemotherapy. Secondly, Cancer cells are burned by Radiation therapy. But these, as known to all, in addition to killing Cancer cells kill even the normal cells, and produce considerable ill effects on the body. In due consideration of these facts Mahoshadha Kalpa, purely based on the Indian System of Medicine, has been indigenously researched and developed. It brings about both physical and mental well-being in patients and causes no untoward ill effects.

Mode of Treatment

  • Muneks, a research product prepared out of various herbs and bhasmas dissolves away the tumor cells and produces no ill-effects even in high doses. This is certified by a renowned pharmaceutical research center in Chennai. Other research products of the trust are also added as required.
  • Regular usage of Hiranya Praash Drops to enhance immunity. It’s effectiveness on auto-immune disorders is scientifically proved. It’s found to be very effective in treatment of Leukemia. It is also used as supportive therapy in all forms of cancer.
  • Detoxification of body by Ojo Kalpa therapy & regular consumption of Mahoushadha Granules.
  • Prevention of food-related (Aahara) diseases by adopting clinical diet.
  • Adoption of Dinacharya (daily regimen) and Rutucharya (seasonal regimen) to counter the environmental ill effects.
  • Practice of Samata and Maitri Dhyana, Yoga and Pranayama for Chitta Shuddhi and Vipassana Dhyana to control the cancer growth progression.
  • Rejuvenation of body cells by Pyramid therapy.

MUNEKS Tablets – An Anti-cancer Product

  • Ancient Answer for Abnormal Cell Division
  • Muneks has anabolic and cyto-protective action, protecting vital organs like liver and kidneys.
  • Promotes the awakening of cellular intelligence and thereby controls the cancer growth progression.
  • Reduces toxic effects of chemotherapy and aids fast recovery
  • Anxiolytic, anti-stress activities along with anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer activities contribute to the overall effect.
  • Studies have proved that Muneks has significant anti-tumor property as it stops and regresses tumor growth and is non-toxic even in high dosage.
  • Experimental studies have proved that Muneks has effective anti-tumor activity against Dalton Cell lymphoma
  • Clinical studies have indicated Muneks as effective in preventing metastasis
  • Muneks enhances natural killer cell activity, tumor necrosing factors and antibody dependent cytotoxicity

MUNEKS – Scientific Findings

Muneks is a combination of more than 50 anti-carcinogenic herbs, minerals and bhasmas prepared according to the description given in the ancient texts of Ayurveda. The preliminary reports are quite promising and encouraging. It has been taken up for trial by several prestigious institutions. One such study has reached the conclusion that Muneks has significant anti-tumor property, and found to be non-toxic at high doses.

This is a very potent formulation formed by combining a number of herbo-mineral drugs and developed after extensive research work. Some of the ingredients in the formulation showed very good immunomodulatory activity. They enhance natural killer cell activity and also Tumor Nursing factors and anti-body dependent cellular cyto-toxicity (ADCC) syngeneic BALB/c mice, bearing tumor.

The studies carried out in a highly reputed Pharmacology research center of Chennai has proved Muneks to be having good anti-tumor activity against Dalton cell lymphoma.

Some ingredients have anabolic and cyto-protective activity, proving their action in protecting the vital organs like liver and the kidneys. Other ingredients showed antioxidant effects where they acted as potent inhibitors of lipid peroxide formation and scavenger of hydroxyl and super oxide radicals in vitro. Anxiolytic, anti-stress activities of certain ingredients along with anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer activities contribute to the overall effect of the formulation. In a study carried out by Meghna T. Adhvaryu evaluated anti-tumor activity and chemo-preventive potential of Ayurvedic herbs viz. Curcuma longa L., Ocimumsanctum L., Tinospora cordifolia (Wild) [Miers ex Hook F. & Thomas] using Dalton Lymphoma ascites (DLA) tumor model in Swiss Albino mice. All these herbs were found to be effective. In a study carried out by S.N. Gaidhani Picrorhiza kurroa and Piper longum showed promising anti-cancer potential against colon cancer cell lines whereas studies have indicated that Withaferin A present in Ashvagandha possesses potent anti-cancer activity. Studies carried out on extracts of Withania somnifera and Tinospora cordifolia against cell lines of breast cancer and cervical cancer have reported their potential cytotoxic and apoptosis activities against these cancers.

In another study Withania somnifera was found to be effective against lungs cancer (Hop62) and Leukemia (K562) cell lines. In a study it has been noted that Zingiber officinale supplementation suppressed liver carcinogenesis due to free radical scavenging activity. Polyphenolic compounds present in Emblica officinalis juice showed strong inhibition against B16F10 cancer cell growth. Bharali and colleagues have shown that Moringa oleifera has activity against chemical carcinogens via hepatic pathway. Isolated compounds from Neem have shown impressive efficacy against a wide variety of human cancer cell lines, and animal models for human cancers that include colon, stomach, Ehrlich’s carcinoma, lung, liver, skin, oral, breast and prostate cancers.

In total it can be said that Muneks enhances body immunity, prevents tissue damage, stops the progress of tumor growth and also helps to regress the tumor growth. In addition to this it also improves general health of the individual.

MAHOUSHADHA Granules – Body De-toxifier for Cancer Prevention

It has been observed that majority of cancer cases are associated with food toxins. Even though vegetables and fruits contain antioxidants, when contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides and other carcinogens, they enhance the incidences of cancer. There are well established herbs and food supplements which have potential chelating and antioxidant properties. Presence of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, certain alkaloids, bioflavonoids, etc. in such plants help to detoxify the body. Mahoushadha Granules are designed by judicially combining such herbs so that their regular consumption not only helps to prevent cancer but also helps to detoxify the body by chelating heavy metals and scavenging free radicals. Mahoushadha Granules can be used regularly by both cancer patients and healthy individuals.



  • Well cooked rice, gruel made up of boiled rice (Kanji), Ragi gruel, Wheat porridge
  • Vegetable thin soup with salt and small amount of ghee
  • Among vegetables carrot, radish, beet root, leafy vegetables like amaranth, spinach, fenugreek etc., ash gourd, bitter gourd, ridge gourd, bottle gourd, snake gourd, pumpkin, tender beans, ladyfingers, drumstick and its leaves, curry leaves (Chatni)
  • Sprouted green gram, green gram soup
  • Plenty of orange, sweet lime, pineapple, pomegranate, bananas
  • Sapota, papaya, custard apple in small quantities
  • Apple can be used after thorough washing
  • Amla can be added while boiling gruel (Kanji) and consumed
  • Groundnuts (with coat)
  • Onion, garlic and pepper in small amount


  • Fried, oily, excessively spicy, non vegetarian diet (except fish), alcohol, smoking
  • Black-gram, lentil, potatoes, cauliflower, tomatoes
  • Curds (yogurt), eggs
  • Jackfruit, grapes
  • Bananas and watermelon for patients with lung cancer

Scientific Data & Results

Short case studies suggesting the effectiveness of Mahoshadha Kalpa


A 27 year old female patient approached Muniyal Ayurvedic Hospital and Research Centre with the complaint of a swelling in the anterior aspect of neck since two months. There was no apparent constitutional symptoms. She had consulted a surgeon with the presentation of “multi-nodular goiter”. Cytological diagnosis: HASHIMOTO’S THYROIDITIS WITH OCCASIONAL PAPILARY CLUSTERS. SUSPICIOUS FOR PAPILLARYCARCINOMA. On examination, the swelling was firm, nodular and moving up during deglutition. No lymph nodes involved.

Blood Pressure : 150/100 mmHg. Thyroid profile:
T3 : 112 ng/dL (normal range: 60 – 200)
T4 : 2.6 µg/dL (normal range: 4.5 – 12.0)
TSH : 97.48 µIU/mL (normal range: 0.30 – 5.5)

I. Oral medication: Muneks tablets, Kanchanara guggulu, Munipyrin tablets
II. Pyramid therapy
III. Meditation
After 45 days of above treatment, the swelling is markedly reduced

Blood Pressure: 140/86 mmHg.
Thyroid profile:
T3 : 101 ng/dL (normal range: 60 – 200),
T4 : 6.3 µg/dL (normal range: 4.5 – 12.0)
TSH : 20.34 µIU/mL (normal range: 0.30 – 5.5)
She continued the treatment for six months, her TSH level came to 5.2 µIU/mL with no clinical features. She discontinued the treatment thereafter


A 61 years old lady with carcinoma of sigmoid colon, post operative, post chemotherapy with the metastasis at Liver and Lungs approached our hospital with the complaint of loss of appetite, gaseous distension of abdomen and mild cough. She was treated under Mahoshadha Kalpa. She is on regular follow up since 12 months with substantial improvement in her condition. Her SGOT and SGPT levels which was elevated have significantly come down with increase in appetite and reduction in gaseous distension of abdomen.


A diagnosed case of papillary carcinoma of thyroid, with a swelling in the anterior part of neck was treated under Mahoshadha Kalpa. He took the treatment for about 4 years with regular follow up. He is also a diagnosed case of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy and renal failure. He had complaints of general debility, loss of appetite, pedal oedema and exertional dyspnea. He is showing improvement in all these symptoms, swelling of neck has reduced .Blood urea has reduced from 87.00 mg to 49.00 mg, serum creatinine from 2.1 to 1.8. Thyroid Stimulating hormone reduced from 46.5 to 14.53(normal: 0.3 – 5.5) within 45 days which eventually got normalised by the end of three months (4.8IU/ml). This patient eventually showed no symptoms of thyroid cancer and his swelling in the neck was completely relieved.


A female patient aged about 40 years with infiltrating ductal carcinoma of right breast, post-operative but without any chemotherapy or radiation is under the treatment of Mahoshadha Kalpa since last 1 1/2 years. She has showed good improvement in general condition like weight, appetite and haemoglobin and has shown no signs of metastasis.


A 60 year old male patient with bronchogenic carcinoma of the upper lobe of left lung approached Muniyal Ayurvedic Hospital and Research Centre two years back with the complaint of severe cough and breathlessness. He has not received any conventional cancer treatment. After 2 months of treatment his cough reduced significantly and there no signs of metastasis. Treatment was continued for a period of two years with no serious episodes of symptoms but with dramatic remission in respiratory symptoms. CT scan done indicated no signs of bronchogenic carcinoma.


A 30 year old lady with carcinoma of lung was on chemotherapy with severe adverse reactions like weakness, vomiting, and oral ulcers. Her lesion was found to be chemo-resistant. She is under Mahoshadha Kalpa treatment since one year. Her symptoms like cough and breathlessness have considerably reduced; adverse effects of chemotherapy has subsided. There are no signs of metastasis.


A diagnosed case of carcinoma of oesophagus and hard palate approached for treatment under Mahoshadha Kalpa. He had the complaints of dysphagia, loss of appetite, loss of taste, general debility, and cough with whitish sputum. During the course of treatment his cough was substantially reduced, appetite improved and taste sensation is slightly better. USG of abdomen did not show any signs of metastasis. Follow up endoscopy indicated no signs of carcinoma.


A 60 year old male patient, a diagnosed case of bronchogenic carcinoma (post-operative and chemo resistant) approached with the complaints of cough with haemoptysis, dyspnea and general debility. He is also a known case of Type II Diabetes mellitus. His complaints like haemoptysis, cough and dyspnea drastically reduced in a month’s treatment. He became almost asymptomatic after the treatment for about 12 months. CT scan of lungs indicated no signs of carcinoma. He is continuing the treatment since 7 years.


57 year old lady, a known case of adenocarcinoma of endometrium (post hysterectomy and post chemotherapy) approached with the history of recurrence as omental deposits. She is also a known case of diabetes mellitus type II and deep vein thrombosis. She was presented with anemia, dyspnea on exertion, bilateral pedal oedema, fullness and pain in abdomen. She is under the regular treatment since 4 years. Her symptoms like paedal oedema and dyspnea has subsided, fullness and abdomen pain has been relieved. Her USG abdomen done in November 2012 and October 2013 were within normal limits, cancer markers CA-125 and CEA were also found to be normal.


A 72 year old male, a known case of malignant melanoma is under the Mahoshadha Kalpa treatment. He has also undergone a course of Virechana ( detoxification). He is also a known case of psoriasis. He is under the regular treatment since 19/10/2011. His lesion is now completely stable and unchanged, psoriatic lesions have improved with the marked reduction in scales and itching.


A 55 year old lady was approached with the h/o progressive swelling in right side of neck with pain and h/o weight loss. It was diagnosed to be the secondary of primary lesion at hypopharynx and suggested for neck dissection. She is under the Mahoshadha Kalpa treatment since one year; neck swelling has reduced, pain has subsided and her general condition has remained stable. Her serum LDH and CEA are within normal limits.


A 43 year old lady, a known case of adenocarcinoma of rectum post-operative and post chemotherapeutic status approached with the h/o blood mixed stools, loss of appetite, progressive weight loss and general weakness. She was advised for radiotherapy but declined. She is under the treatment since 11/06/2011, presently asymptomatic with normal CA-125 and CEA levels. Follow up CT scan and USG reports are within normal limits. Weight improved by 4 kgs.


A 74 year old male with the h/o colon cancer, post-operative status approached with the complaints of bloating of abdomen, urge to defecate after food and marginally elevated CEA levels. He is presently asymptomatic with CEA within normal limits.


A 28 year old male with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, high grade large cell type with the h/o incomplete chemotherapy reported with the symptoms of lymphadenopathy of left axillary and inguinal area, general debility and anemia. He is under the treatment since 03/01/2006. He is now asymptomatic, follow up CT scan, LDH, USG abdomen, biopsy reports are normal, Hb% and other biochemical parameters like LFT and RFT are within normal limit.


A 21 year old boy, diagnosed case of chronic myeloid leukemia is under the treatment since 13/18/2012. He came with the symptoms of pain in low back, thighs, intermittent fever and pain abdomen. He is presently asymptomatic with WBC counts and morphology within normal limits.


A 53 year old lady, diagnosed case of borderline mucinous tumor of right ovary approached after hysterectomy. She was advised with chemotherapy but she did want to undergo it. She has been taking our treatment since 27-07-2011. Her general condition has improved, symptoms like abdominal distension and discomfort has been completely relieved. She is apparently asymptomatic with normal levels of cancer markers and USG study.


A 69 year old male, a known case of adenocarcinoma of colon with post-operative status, but without any chemotherapy is under our treatment since 26/08/2011. He is apparently asymptomatic with no radiological, haematological or biochemical abnormalities.


A 47 year old lady, a diagnosed case of chronic lymphocytic leukemia approached us with the symptoms of intermittent fever, exhaustion, exertional dyspnea, multiple lymphadenopathy (especially axillary and cervical). She is under the treatment since 20/09/2010 (without any allopathic intervention). Her lymphadenopathy is markedly reduced, fever relieved, LDH level improved. She is comfortable except for a few episodes of dyspnea (she is a known case of bronchial asthma, diabetes mellitus and hypertension).


A 30 year old male, a known case of recurrent fibro sarcoma, post-operative and incomplete chemotherapy status approached with a swelling in right thigh, intermittent fever, blood mixed stools and general debility. He is under Mahoshadha Kalpa treatment since 20/10/2008. All his symptoms subsided except for oedema in right lower limb. Further investigations showed no signs of recurrence.


A lady of 57 years ,a known case of ovarian carcinoma with hepatic metastasis visited the hospital with the features of tense ascites, general debility, loss of appetite and pain abdomen. Her ascites has been completely relieved, appetite improved and pain reduced. Follow up USG study of abdomen and CA-125 level are normal. She is on regular follow up since 3 years.


A 33 years old lady, a known case of adenocarcinoma of pancreas (unresectable) approached us with the complaints of distension and pain abdomen. Her follow up CT scan reports indicate reduction in tumour mass. She is now asymptomatic. She is under our treatment since about 2 ½ years.


A 56 year old lady, a diagnosed case of small cell carcinoma of cervix visited on 13-06-2012 with the complaints of watery and occasional blood tinged discharge per vagina and pain in lower abdomen. She is under regular follow up since then. Her PV examination now shows normal, healthy cervix without any discharge or touch bleed, USG abdomen pelvis show no abnormalities. Her CA-125 level is normal since one year.


So far, about 350 cancer patients have received the Mahoshadha Kalpa treatment. On evaluation, the results of this treatment have been highly encouraging. This can be witnessed in the case study reports. We were approached by patients with different types of cancer at different stages. Some of the patients were freshly diagnosed and had not received any conventional treatment, some have taken conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy, some have discontinued chemotherapy, and some were only surgically operated. No matter which stage the cancer was in, we tried to help them with Mahoshadha Kalpa. We could cure a few cases of thyroid cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer and lymphomas. In most cases we could help the patient in various parameters i.e.; improving the quality of life, prolonging life span and life expectancy, development of positive attitude, minimizing the adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiation.
This positive result has further encouraged us to devote ourselves in making this holistic line of treatment called Mahoshadha Kalpa available to maximum number of people suffering from cancer.


Recently, NCRP (ICMR), Bangalore, has published a report on Time Trends in Cancer Incidence Rates. As per this report total cancer cases are likely to go up from 979,786 cases in the year 2010 to 1,148,757 cases by the year 2020. Muniyal Ayurveda plans to establish two Mahoshadha Kalpa treatment clinics in each and every district of India. It intends to provide this therapy at affordable cost. Each clinic would be capable of handling a minimum of 500 cancer patients. This clinic will also provide effective treatments for various chronic disorders like diabetes, cardiac ailments, thyroid problems, etc.


    • I am a 27 year old female having the complaint of a swelling in the neck since two months. I consulted a surgeon. He had taken the biopsy and said that I have HASHIMOTO’S THYROIDITIS, hence suspected thyroid cancer. He suggested immediately operating and removing my thyroids. I was afraid and approached Muniyal Ayurveda Hospital. I took the treatment for six months and my TSH level came down from 97 µIU/mL to 5.2 µIU/mL. My neck swelling is completely subsided. I am not on any medication since about 9 years, completely healthy and no symptoms related to thyroid.

    • I was suffering from loss of appetite, fullness in the abdomen and cough. After investigation allopathic doctors told that I am suffering from intestinal cancer. Now I am under Muniyal Ayurveda treatment. I am now relieved of all my symptoms. My liver tests are normal. I feel healthy. I am continuing this treatment with full faith.

    • I was suffering from thyroid cancer. Four years back I started Muniyal Ayurveda treatment. My TSH reading reduced from 46 to 4.8 u/ml. My neck swelling in the front part is reduced to normal. I had cardiac problem also. For that also I took Muniyal Ayurveda treatment and now my general weakness, loss of appetite, swelling in the feet and tiredness are all reduced. I am really grateful to Muniyal Ayurveda.

    • I had breast cancer and got operated for the same. Then I started taking Muniyal Ayurveda treatment. My body weight increased, appetite and hemoglobin counts also improved. I am feeling healthy now.

    • I had severe cough and breathlessness, Allopathic doctors, after investigation told that I have Bronchial Cancer in the left lung. As per a relative’s suggestion I started taking Muniyal Ayurveda treatment and within two months my cough reduced remarkably. I am taking this medicine since two years and CT scan reports are normal. I am writing this fact so that other lung cancer patients can also become aware of this institution.

    • I am a 30 year old lady with lung cancer. I took chemotherapy. But I could not tolerate the side effects like weakness, vomiting and ulcers in the mouth. I started taking Muniyal Ayurveda treatment since one year. Now most of my symptoms like cough, breathlessness are reduced. I am free from side effects of Chemotherapy. There is no spreading of my cancer also. Muniyal Ayurveda is doing a great service to the patients like me.

    • I had cough, difficulty in swallowing, loss of appetite, loss of taste and general weakness. Allopathic doctors told that I am suffering from Oesophagus cancer. A friend told me about Muniyal Ayurveda and I am taking this treatment since 18 months. Now all my symptoms are under control. I am happy that cancer is not spreading and almost no signs of cancer.

    • I had blood in my cough, breathlessness, and general weakness. Allopathic doctors told that I am suffering from Bronchogenic cancer. Chemotherapy was not at all working on me. I knew the founder of Muniyal Ayurveda, and I started treatment 4 years back. I am a diabetic also. Now I am completely normal. My CT Scan of lungs has no signs of cancer. Let the divine beings support this great institution so that suffering humanity gets solace from their so called incurable ailments.

    • I had uterus cancer and I got my uterus removed. I am a diabetic also. But after the operation my condition deteriorated with tiredness, foot swelling, fullness and pain in stomach. I am taking Muniyal Ayurveda treatment since 4 years. Now all my symptoms are reduced to normal. I am feeling healthy & cheerful. My abdomen ultrasound shows normal results. Thanks to Muniyal Ayurveda.

    • I was suffering from skin cancer with psoriasis. I am under Muniyal Ayurveda treatment. Now wounds are healed, and psoriasis under control. There is overall improvement in my health condition. I am really grateful to Muniyal Ayurveda.

    • I had swelling in the right side of my neck with pain. I lost weight also. Allopathic doctors suggested operation. But I started taking Muniyal Ayurveda treatment since one year. Now my neck swelling and pain reduced. All my reports are normal. I am really very happy and feeling good.

    • I had problem with rectum and doctors operated me and given chemotherapy. But I used to have blood mixed stools, lost my appetite and weight and I was weak. I discontinued radio therapy. and started Muniyal Ayurveda treatment in 2011. Now I feel much better. All my symptoms are reduced. CT scan, Ultrasound reports came to normal and I gained upto 4 kg weight also. I have immense faith in Muniyal Ayurveda treatment.

    • I was suffering from Colon Cancer and got operated, but I had bloating of abdomen, urge to go to the toilet after meals. I started taking Muniyal Ayurveda treatment and I am feeling healthy and my test reports are under control.

    • When I was 28 years old, I suffered from gland enlargement and weakness. Allopathic doctors told that I am suffering from Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma and I thought that I would die before I could fulfill my commitments like my sister’s marriage. So, I discontinued chemotherapy treatment and started taking Muniyal Ayurveda treatment in 2006. Now I have no symptoms. CT Scan, LDH, USG, abdomen Biopsy report and Hb% are normal. Muniyal Ayurveda has given me a new lease on life and I am really grateful to them.

    • I had pain in lower back and thighs, pain in the abdomen and fever. Allopathic doctors told me that I was suffering Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. My treatment started in Muniyal Ayurveda 3 years back. Now I am feeling good and all my reports are showing normal limits

    • I had problem with my uterus and got it removed. But doctors suggested Chemotherapy to prevent the Cancer spreading to the ovaries. I declined and started taking Muniyal Ayurveda treatment since 4 years. Now I am completely alright, no discomfort in the abdomen and no weakness. And all my reports are normal. I am happy with these marvelous results.

    • I had gland enlargement, pain, fever, and breathlessness. Allopathic doctors told me that I am suffering from Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. I did not take any allopathic treatment and started Muniyal Ayurveda treatment five years back. Now I am perfectly healthy. My reports shows marked improvement in my condition like lymphadenopathy, fever reduced, LDH level improved. I am grateful to Muniyal Ayurveda.

    • I had swelling in right thigh, fever, blood mixed stools and weakness. Allopathic doctors diagnosed me as recurrent Fibrosarcoma. After operation I discontinued Chemotherapy and started Muniyal Ayurveda Treatment in 2008. All my symptoms subsided except swelling in the limb. Investigation showed no recurrence.

    • I had cancer in my ovaries for which I was operated. Gradually I developed fluid in my abdomen which required repeated tapping. My liver scan showed spread of the disease and it was diagnosed as Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. They tried chemotherapy which did not help but the condition deteriorated. I had persisting ascites, hair fall, pain abdomen, vomiting and skin infection. I was very weak, unable to sleep and eat. I was so weak that chemotherapy had to be stopped. I was then referred to Muniyal Ayurveda by our family friend. After starting the treatment I gradually recovered from all the symptoms. Now all my symptoms vanished and reports are normal. My ascites resolved, weight gained, appetite improved, skin lesions vanished. I am taking the treatment from Muniyal Ayurveda since last five years and now leading my normal life. I am deeply indebted to Muniyal Ayurveda.

    • I had discomfort and severe pain in my stomach. CT scan showed Tumor Mass and allopathic doctors diagnosed it as Adenocarcinoma of Pancreas. Now I am taking Muniyal Ayurveda treatment since two and half years. Now there are no symptoms and reports are normal.

  • I had watery and blood mixed discharge from Vagina and pain in abdomen. Allopathic doctors diagnosed as small cell carcinoma of cervix. I took Muniyal Ayurveda treatment for three years and condition improved a lot, there is no discharge from Cervix. USG of abdomen pelvis shows no abnormality. I am feeling good. Thanks to Muniyal Ayurveda.