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Superintendent Message

Ayurveda – ‘The science of life’, considered to be as ancient as human civilisation, has been serving mankind since time immemorial and still survives just because of its sheer therapeutic value. In the event of scientific findings which have proved that ayurvedic medicines cure the disease by strengthening the body immune system, now considered to be the most scientific approach towards health, the relevancy of ayurvedic remedies become more significant. It has also become very popular in the west due to major changes taking place in the consumer attitude towards health and natural products.

There exist eight divisions of Ayurvedic therapeutics, namely Kayachikitsa (Internal medicine), Shalya Tantra(Surgery), Shalkya Tantra(Otorhinolaryngology and Opthalmology), Kaumra Bhritya (Paediatrics, Gynaecology and Obstetrics), Agad tantra (Toxicology), Rasayana (Gerentorology), Vajikaran (Aphrodisiacs) and Bhoota Vidya (Psychiatry). The concept of Ayurveda treatment is broad, which heal the human being as a whole whereas Western system of medicine has traditionally operated from only a cure model. Now, the time has come to create a new model of the medicinal system by combining both healing and cure models. The value of health care could be increased tremendously through personalized medicine that could be helpful to predict disease risk, prevent progress of disease, and manage treatments more efficiently. Moreover, the developments in the area of pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics can help the practitioner to achieve the target of personalized medicine.

Muniyal Ayurveda Hospital and Research centre is well equipped 160 bedded Hospital with all the required facilities like IPD, OPD, laboratory, ECG, X-RAY, USG facilities, pyramid therapy, state of the art Panchakarma rooms, Yoga therapy section, Physiotherapy department etc.

Treating the patients with holistic approaches like Chikitsa Kalpa is the unique approach of the Hospital. Kalpas are unique and patented lines of treatment developed by Muniyal Ayurveda for treating chronic disorders. It is a combination of several ayurvedic procedures, proprietary and classical ayurvedic medicines manufactured by the company which is patient specific.