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M.D. Ayurveda

M.D. (Ayurveda) (Masters Degree in Ayurveda)

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Mode of Selection: Selection of the candidates is based on merit, i.e. the percentage of marks obtained in BAMS examination.

Eligibility: Student should have completed BAMS course by any recognized institute by Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi.

Fees: Fee structure is according to the guidelines set by the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, and students will be informed at the time of interview. You can call us at (0820) 2572819 for Fee Details.

Duration: 3 Years

Candidates should produce the following certificates to obtain eligibility certificate issued by the UNIVERSITY:-

  • BAMS pass or degree certificate issued by the University
  • Marks card of all the University Examinations passed (First to Final professional of B.A.M.S. course)
  • Attempt certificate issued by the Principal
  • Completion of internship certificate from a recognised institution
  • Registration from State Ayurveda Practitioners Registration Board/Ayurveda Council

Procedure for Admission:

  • Download the application form .
  • Applications, duly filled and completed in all respects should be submitted to the The Dean, Muniyal Institute of Ayurveda Medical Sciences, Manipal. The application should be accompanied by the concerned marks cards and other certificates.
  • Direct Admission procedure is followed. Selected candidates will be informed personally by phone.
  • The list of selected candidates will also be notified on the college notice board.
  • Every student admitted is bound by the prevailing rules and regulations of the college, hospital and hostel framed from time to time.
  • Any other information will be provided on request. Call (0820) 2572819.

M.D. Dravyaguna (Ayurveda material medical and pharmacology): – Student will be trained with the details of drug identification, pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, evaluation of pharmacological activities, in depth details of Ayurvedic treatises on medicinal plants. Scholar will be efficient and suitable to work in herbal industry, medicinal plant research, academics etc.
Intake Capacity – 5 Seats

M.D. Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana (Ayurveda pharmaceutics): This special branch of Ayurveda deals with various metals, minerals and herbo-mineral formulations. Here, studies are aimed at various aspects of preparations, including their method of preparation, process standardization, analytical study, experimental and toxicological studies & clinical studies in various conditions. Scholars have bright prospects in academic, research and also in the clinical fields. They can also be selected in various prestigious institutions & multi-national pharmaceutical industries immediately after the completion of their studies.This is the branch of Ayurveda pharmacy that mainly deals with herbal formulations. Subject includes details of design and development of formulations, standardization, quality control, pharmacy practice, forensic pharmacy etc giving ample opportunity to prepare the scholar suitable for Ayurvedic and herbal pharma industry, R & D centres and academics.
Intake Capacity – 9 Seats

M.D. Kayachikitsa (Ayurveda Medicine):- This is the speciality of Ayurveda medicine. Student will be provided with the knowledge of finer details of Ayurveda therapeutics from ancient Ayurveda texts with modern parlance and exclusive clinical training. Doctors will come out as highly competitive and successful clinical practitioners of Ayurveda and have an opportunity to open own clinics, hospitals, work in therapy centres and Ayurvedic colleges.
Intake Capacity – 5 Seats

M.D. Panchakarma:-  Students will be trained with different treatment modalities of Ayurveda Panchakarma practice with on hand experience. Students will be trained with the planning and application of Panchakarma and other techniques like physiotherapy according to the person and disease. They have an opportunity worldwide to develop and manage Panchakarma centres.
Intake Capacity – 5 Seats

M.S. Shalya Tantra: (Ayurveda general surgery):- Students will be trained with general surgical management including specialized Ayurvedic surgical procedures like Kshara sutra, Agni karma, Jaloukaavacharana etc. They have excellent opportunity to carry out specialized clinical practice in surgical conditions
Intake Capacity – 5 Seats