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About Us

Our Founder

Dr. U. Krishna Muniyal Memorial Trust (R) took its inspiration from Late Dr. U. Krishna Muniyal, who practiced Ayurveda for more than 40 years and was the disciple of Pandith Taranath, a great Ayurveda scholar who had treated Mahatma Gandhi several times. Pandith Taranath used to perform Parakãya Pravesha (one’s consciousness entering into another’s body) while treating the patient. Ancestors of the Muniyal family used to treat patients with all types of ailments successfully by using holy water enchanted with sacred and auspicious hymns.

Muniyal Institute of Ayurveda Medical Science

It was established with a vision to impart the knowledge of Ayurveda to one and all. The Institution took its inspiration from Late Dr. U. Krishna Muniyal, an Ayurvedic practitioner for over 40 years, who established Muniyal Ayurveda in 1940. Dr. U. Krishna was a direct disciple of Pandith Taranath, a great Ayurvedic physician, who had treated Mahatma Gandhi several times.

The Muniyal Institute of Ayurveda Medical Sciences is run by Dr. U. Krishna Muniyal Memorial Trust (R) and is located in a spacious 50,000 sq.ft. building, housing the Muniyal Ayurveda Hospital & Research Institute, a super speciality Ayurvedic hospital.

The college intends to train the students in Ayurveda by using modern scientific ways, so that when they complete their course of study, they will be ready to face the challenges ahead without any setback. It will also encourage the students to involve themselves in Ayurvedic research. The college, with its strategic location, is ready to take all the advantage available there for medical teaching and paramedical sciences.


  • Muniyal Institute of Ayurveda Medical Sciences running Undergraduate & Post-Graduate Courses in Ayurveda. Approved by Dept. of AYUSH, Govt. of India with a 160-bedded Ayurvedic Hospital at Manipal.

  • Muniyal Ayurveda Family Clinics at Bengaluru, Mangaluru, Udupi, Manipal and Mysuru

  • International Organic Certification from SKAL, The Netherlands for herbal gardens.

  • Developed and donated sacred herbal garden to Udupi citizens.

  • License for 60 proprietary, human and veterinary research products, and 150 classical ayurvedic products. Toxicity studies of all the above products have been done.

  • All products have been duly registered with the Drug Licensing Authority, Dept. of AYUSH, Karnataka, with GMP Certification for its medicine manufacturing unit.

  • 20 research products like Insol-N, Herbotrim, Heartogen, Muneks, Muniojus, etc. are duly registered with Patent and Trademark Registration Office of Govt. of India.

  • 17 lines of treatment like Mahoshadha Kalpa, Madumeha Kalpa, etc. and unique processes like Vrkshved, Dravyashudh and Vamshvahini are duly registered with Patent and Trademark Registration Office of Govt. of India.

  • 2 products namely MUNIPYRIN for arthritis and HERBADICT for alcohol and drug addiction, have been registered in Europe as para-medicines, being the first ayurvedic medicines from India to have this distinction.

Drug Research:

a) INSOL-N: A post-graduate from Mangalore University in her research work induced diabetes in rats by injecting ‘Alloxan’ which destroys pancreas. Subsequent administration of INSOL-N produced good results with following conclusions:

(1) It brings down blood sugar to normal level within a short period.

(2) Glycogen and protein levels in the tissues of the heart, liver and kidney are raised to normal level.

(3) Lipid, cholesterol & tissue phosphates are brought down to normal level.

(4) Insol-N regenerates Beta cells of Islets of Langerhans of pancreas which secret body insulin. The researcher got her M.Phil., for the above work.

A research work carried out at Manipal University has confirmed that Insol-N reduced HBA1-C level among diabetic patients by 40% within 3 months and improve quality of life among diabetics.

Director of United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted US patent for Insol-N

b) MUNEKS, an anti-cancer product being proved its anti-carcinogenic activity by Vels Pharmacy, Chennai.

1.Studies have proved that Muneks has significant anti-tumor property as it stops and regresses tumor growth and is non-toxic even in high dosage.

2.In-vitro cytotoxicity of Muneks tablet has sown that it is effective against Lung Carcinoma, Cervix Adenocarcinoma, ovarian cancer, Colon carcinoma, breast cancer, leukemia and prostate Adenocarcinoma cell lines.

3.It acts at genetic level by inducing apoptosis by causing the fragmentation of DNA into multimers of approximately 200 base pairs, due to the activation of an endonuclease.

Director of United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted US patent for  Muneks

c) HERBOTRIM being tested by Vels Pharmacy, Chennai, and found to be very effective in controlling lipid and cholesterol with high anti-atherogenic quality.

1.Experimental studies have proved highly significant reduction of Total Cholesterol, LDL, VLDL, Triglycerides, atherogenic index and increase in HDL, indicating promising results of Herbotrim as hypocholesteremic drug.

Director of United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted US patent for Herbotrim

d) MUNIOJUS, a product for HIV+ve patients, reduced the viral load from 45,000 to NIL along with overall improvement in general conditions of the patient.

e) HEARTOGEN, is a safe cardio-protective supplement that can be used in hypertension, cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heart beat), chest pain, to improve blood circulation to heart and also to strengthen heart muscles.

1.The latest study conducted by Ramachandra University, Chennai, provides evidence for protective effects of Heartogen on myocardium in experimentally induced myocardial infarction (major heart attack) by its action of inhibiting cell death (apoptosis).

Director of United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted US patent for Heartogen

f) HIRANYA PRAASH, a universal vitalizer for all ages which develops immunity naturally, a memory booster, acts as anti-oxidant, improves vigor and vitality, slows down degenerative process in old age and a very useful health supplement in chronic ailments.

1.Its immuno-modulatory action has been scientifically proved. A survey study carried out among more than 6,000 school-going children have showed considerable improvement in gastro-intestinal, respiratory and behaviouralparameters indicating that Hiranya Praash is beneficial in enhancement of physical and mental health of children.

2.Found to be very much useful in the treatment of Leukemia along with Muneks Tablets.

g) MUNIPRABHAA PLUS: Nephro-protective activity of which is scientifically proved by Ramachandra University, Chennai.

h) MUNIDENT: An article on its effectiveness has been published in the “Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry” – an International peer review journal.

i) MUNIBEYOTIC: Scientific studies proved that it is an effective anti-microbial agent against both, gram positive and negative bacteria and fungus and also useful in anti-biotic resistant cases.

j) MUNITHYRONE: Various studies proved that Munithyrone is very effective in improving thyroid functions, both in hypo and hyper thyroidiatic conditions. It is also useful in auto-immune thyroiditis.

k) MUNIPRAJNAA: A scientific study conducted by Manipal University proved that it is very effective in Parkinsonism and Alzheimer’s syndrome.

Clinical Research Work: MAHOSHADHA KALPA is a unique, patent ayurvedic therapy for cancer. 26 patients suffering from different types of cancers affecting the lung, thyroid, breast and uterus have become completely asymptomatic by this therapy. Investigations showed disease free conditions (cure) in several cases. More than 500 patients have benefitted from this therapy – most of the patients got rid of the fear of pain, fear of disease and fear of death, with improved general conditions. Mahoshadha Kalpa has successfully prevented metastasis (spreading of cancer) in several cases.

Director of United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted US patent for Mahoshada Kalpa

Literary Research Work:

      • Sacitra Caraka Samhita Vol -1 and Vol-II, a useful book of reference for Ayurvedic U.G. and P.G. students released by the former President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.
      • Ayurveda Saara, a book in Kannada containing vital information about ayurveda and health.
      • Sammasambuddha & Jamboo Dweepa, essence of tripitaka.
      • Buddhaayurveda – A Kannada monthly magazine on Buddhism & Ayurveda.
      • Dhammapada – A Kannada and English book on Buddha’s teachings
      • Mahasathi Pattana Sutta – A Kannada book on teachings of the Buddha, where he assures enlightenment within 7 days.