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Pyramid therapy

Pyramid therapy

The amazing healing powers of a Pyramid are information that has been passed down from our ancestors, yet now always taken into consideration. A Pyramid is geometrical in shape and the perfect shape which can bring harmony to someone’s life. The base is a polygon and all of the sides meet at the apex of the Pyramid.

Pyramids constructed with specific angles and dimensions have mysterious and miraculous effect on the material kept inside them, including the living organisms. Starting from the days of Egyptian pyramids till today, the experiments and experiences have shown that pyramid rightly built and properly placed prevents degeneration and helps in tissue regeneration.

The Giza pyramids of Egypt have been the subject of much research. Pyramid models with the same base to height ratio as of the Great Pyramid of Giza, when aligned on a true north-south axis, are believed to generate, transform and transmit energy. The effect of this ‘pyramid energy’ has been studied on solids, liquids, plants, animals and even human volunteers. Some of the findings of such studies include rapid growth of plants, faster healing of bruises and burns, longer preservation of milk and increased vitalization and better relaxation in human subjects. Research using pyramid models has shown that they promote greater relaxation and improved tranquillity in human subjects, better wound healing in rats, and protection against stress-induced neurodegenerative changes in mice. Studies with pyramid models have also shown that pyramid environment enhances learning and memory. Exposure of adult female Wistar rats to pyramid environment reduces stress, oxidative stress and increases antioxidant defence in them(Surekha Bhat, Influence of alignment of the pyramid on its beneficial effects, Indian Journal of Experimental Biology Vol. 45, May 2007, pp. 455-458.)

By considering these facts we have constructed a pyramid purely with wooden parts (teakwood) with precise dimensions. Patient is asked to meditate inside the pyramid during which he is advised to concentrate on his normal breathing. We have observed that this process prevents degeneration, acts as antioxidant and anti-stress. Pyramid therapy has contributed substantially in MAHOSHADHA KALPA for cancer management.

We are also using this pyramid therapy successfully in various other conditions like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, anxiety neurosis and other psychiatric conditions.