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Chairman’s Desk

From Chairman's Desk

Ayurveda – ‘The science of life’, considered to be as ancient as human civilisation, has been serving mankind since time immemorial and still survives just because of its sheer therapeutic value. In the event of scientific findings which have proved that Ayurvedic medicines cure the disease by strengthening the body immune system, now considered to be the most scientific approach towards health, the relevancy of Ayurvedic remedies become more significant. It has also become very popular in the west due to major changes taking place in the consumer attitude towards health and natural products. Muniyal Ayurveda took its inspiration from Late Dr. U. Krishna Muniyal, who practiced Ayurveda for more than 40 years and was the disciple of Pandith Taranath, a great Ayurveda scholar who had treated Mahatma Gandhi several times. Pandith Taranath used to perform Parakãya Pravesha (one’s consciousness entering into another’s body) while treating the patient. Ancestors of the Muniyal family used to treat patients with all types of ailments successfully by using holy water enchanted with sacred and auspicious hymns.

Dr. U. Krishna Muniyal Memorial Trust (R) looks after the academic activities of Muniyal Ayurveda. Research & Development, pharmaceutical production, and healthcare activities of Muniyal Ayurveda come under the company, namely Dr. Krshna Life Sciences Ltd. Dr. U. Krishna Muniyal Memorial Trust (R) has devoted itself to the field of Ayurveda by undertaking cultivation & preservation of rare medicinal plants, research in Ayurveda, developing treatment for chronic & incurable diseases, establishing speciality Ayurveda hospitals, running under-graduate and post-graduate courses in Ayurveda, propagating ancient herbal gardens, establishing a literary division to bring out ancient Ayurvedic scriptures. The trust intends to revive ancient Indian wisdom through its proposed Buddhaayurved University.