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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Buddhaayurved App

Muniyal Ayurveda, Manipal has launched “Buddhaayurved App” for general public to
provide information on protecting the mental and physical health, protecting floura and fauna
of the land and providing valuable information on cultivation of 137 medicinal plants to
improve the income of farmers. Downloading and registering this App, the citizens can
freely have Sammaasambuddha and Jambu dweepa, the essence of Tripitaka, much
appreciated by the exponents of Kannada literature, “Chathurarya sathya” the main teaching
of the Buddha, Muniyoga which gives information on dinacharya, rithucharya, walking
meditation and preventing thoughts during meditation, Buddhaayurveda monthly magazines,
Abhidhamma, the higher teachings of the Buddha, Jataka stories, Paritta chanting which
gives protection from evil forces and provides peace and harmony in the family,
Mahasatipattanasuta which explains Vipassana meditation, Dhammapada, Vanadegula
which provides information on Medicinal plant cultivation to increase their income and
guidance to protect water, air and soil to the farmers and the general public, Information on
Buddhaayurved medicines and treatment packages as per body type for chronic ailments and
for social menace like addiction through madathyaya kalpa etc, this app is made available on
Google play store and App store, says the press note from Muniyal Ayurveda Manipal.

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